Finance Manager

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Job title: Finance Manager

Company: Workmate

Job description: Hi thanks for looking at this Workmate JD. Since we might be working together, I wanted to write a cover letter to YOU.

I’m Cze Kin. I lead the finance department for Workmate and am the hiring manager for this position.

I wanted to take a different approach to JDs to give you a candid and hopefully better understanding of whom Workmate is and what being a part of the Management team at Workmate is all about. You should probably read the whole thing if you’re serious about applying.

A little about me since you and I will work together:

  • As a finance leader, I pursue finance transformation and have built my expertise in the areas of business partnership, financial planning and analysis, process improvement, finance operations, and audit. I am a strong believer that finance plays one of the biggest roles in any business. It is not just about numbers; it is intertwined with every part of the business. Finance is the engine that enables the business to scale, and it also drives business plans to succeed. I am looking for someone that shares the same passion for finance business improvement, problem solving and execution as me and my team.
  • Most of my journey as a finance professional before was as a business controller to MNCs, focused on transforming finance in the Asia Pacific region, and bringing tangible business value through the use of data analytics. With financial and tax restructuring recommendations, I brought recurring savings of over US$15 million per year across three MNCs.
  • At my core, I love bringing plans I believe in to reality, and seeing the impact of the results achieved. Taking a passive seat is not for me; I get things rolling and tear down walls to reach the goal, for the results are much sweeter that way.
  • There were two reasons I joined Workmate. First, was the untapped opportunity of a workforce segment that had been under-served for decades, presenting a huge potential to the growth of the company in years to come. Second, and more importantly, was the enormous impact Workmate continues to make to the large number of informal workers in Asia.
  • We want to capture these workers on one platform that not only gives them full time employment at the click of a button, but also creates a history of their work, their experience, their performance so they get rewarded, paid fairly, get recognized for their work and stop having to worry about finding their next gig.
  • This is why we’re building Workmate; to organise the informal workforce by connecting people to more opportunities, increasing their income, social protections, and ultimately their quality of life. Our matching and grading system delivers a ready-made high performing workforce for our clients to plug into their team.
  • That’s enough about me. Let’s talk about who YOU are.
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Who you are and whom we’re seeking: * You are organised and detailed. People have commented that you may have OCD, with everything structured and in their place. Your home, office and computer are laid out in ways that work for you. You are on top of your schedule, prioritizing time sensitive workload, and ensuring tasks are completed timely and meticulously.

  • You are a team player. You listen to opinions and work with others to produce good solutions to problems. You share ideas, invite constructive criticism, and are willing to change upon hearing feedback.
  • You work smart. You would rather spend 2 hours automating a manual process, than an hour every month performing the same manual task. You question the way things are done and consistently seek to improve them.
  • You are a true detective. You are obsessed with getting to the root cause (ie, the 5 whys) and not accepting an answer “just because it’s always been done like that”. You can clearly articulate the right questions to stakeholders and customers to understand the core issues. You can view things from both 10,000 feet, and 10 feet, zooming in and out quickly. You can piece a puzzle together to bring meaning to it.
  • You understand business. You constantly keep yourself up-to-date with the business and market landscape, finding ways that financial processes and data can support the business. You contribute to the building of business plans with a scientific approach.
  • You can talk to everyone. You have school and street smarts. This means you can talk to C-level all the way through to ground level teams. You are clear with your objectives when presenting to various people and vary your delivery accordingly.
  • You are a self-starter. No one needs to tell you where to start. You can take a big picture objective and turn it into actionable steps without being micromanaged.
  • You speak up. You wouldn’t let the business burn down if it was on fire. Because of this you are always on the lookout for positive or negative trends that could impact operations, and become a business partner for the executive team.
  • You are a coach. You are not only a great Individual Contributor but you care about developing talent and making them shine.
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Being a Finance Manager at Workmate: Data-driven business partnership

Being a finance manager in Workmate will take more than just ensuring books are kept well and numbers are accurate. It requires one to make Workmate their business and ensure the targets are met. This calls for a person to be not only strong in accounting and processes, but also forecasting and analysis.

Day to day you will be working closely with operations, sales, and product managers. You will be exposed to the full suite of finance topics and more. Things move fast here, and one thing you can be sure of is that the excitement doesn’t stop. There are no red tapes; as the finance manager, you own your work and make the decisions. As you get to understand the nuts and bolts of the business, you start to impact the business through your proposals and implementations. Finance is the engine of Workmate, and you determine its horsepower.

Things you may do as Finance Manager:

  • Accounting and compliance:
  • Review AR aging and follow up on payments
  • Perform monthly closing and financial reconciliations
  • Ensuring timely client invoicing and worker payments
  • Prepare and submit monthly tax returns
  • Automate manual processes and streamline workflows
  • Prepare annual tax filing and submission
  • Aid in financial audit and annual reports
  • Ensure financial and legal compliance
  • Finance operations:
  • Analyse financial statement, cash flow, and balance sheet
  • Forecast weekly/monthly/yearly cash flows
  • Prepare monthly internal reports for management
  • Implement/revamp financial policies and procedures that facilitates expansion
  • Investigate means to improve profitability
  • Contribute to planning and forecasting meetings
  • Provide visibility for management decision making with clear and concise financial analysis
  • Monitor and manage expenses within the established budget
  • Maintain organised finance schedules that are quickly accessible
  • Be involved in cross functional projects that reshape the business. Such as working with sales and operations to develop an understanding of client level profitability.
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About Working at Workmate

  • You will be based in our Jakarta office which is in the Thamrin area, behind Grand Indonesia
  • We have a medical package that supports inpatient, outpatient, and dental
  • We have been achieving 200% y/y growth for the last 2 years so financially, and have just achieved our best quarter ever in the midst of the economic crisis. We are on an enviable trajectory. We have hit market profitability in our commercial locations.
  • People you will directly work with:
  • Mat, he’s our Founder and CEO and the longest survivor of this project. He has a tough hide since this is his second startup (previously sold an ad-tech company). He also loves good banter about some sport called Rugby 🤷🤷.
  • Pete, he’s our COO and can tell you exactly whom to go to or who to seek for the right info. He’s a goldmine when it comes to making things more efficient and he will contribute greatly to your success. He is based in Indonesia and supports the team on the commercial and ops side, so you will work closely with him.
  • Tudor, he’s our CPO and he will tell you things straight. He is all about outcomes and building solutions that customers / workers will find valuable. He is our OKR master and is the reason the product and commercial teams are now conjoined twins.
  • Lerk, our VP of Engineering who makes our platforms scalable and reliable. Rumour has it that Lerk was found in the deep jungles of Malaysia developing code on a gas powered 386.

Expected salary:

Location: Jakarta

Job date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 02:50:24 GMT

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